Q2 Differential

Supplied and fitted £700

plus VAT

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Air conditioning has been rapidly standardised over the last

10 years due to the major enhancement it brings to

passenger comfort. However, drivers are only just realising

that A/C  systems do require regular maintenance. Vehicle

A/C systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as

refrigerant permeates through the physical joins between

components. Over time this will cause deterioration in

performance. Worse still, if you leave A/C operating with

low refrigerant levels, more serious problems can occur,

lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture

may enter the system.

The consequences :

Poorer fuel economy as the compressor remains engaged to attain lower temperatures.

Internal corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant.

Component or system failure.

Our service consists of the following :

Check system pressures and vent temperature.

Recover refrigerant, evacuate air and moisture from the system.

Leak test.

Recharge to recommended levels adding fresh oil as necessary.

Full visual inspection.

Alfatecnico have invested in the latest equipment to test and diagnose any problems that may occurr with your air conditioning system and carry out the required maintenance to bring it back to tip top performance.

So why not give your Air conditioning system a check up before you actually need to use it.

We are very competetive and offer the above service for £40 + VAT.

Air Conditioning Servicing