Q2 Differential

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Q2 Limited Slip Differential

The Q2 system

In a nutshell, Alfa Romeo describe the Q2 system as “a self-locking front differential which incorporates all the strong points of a front-wheel drive system in terms of active safety, increasing driving enjoyment and control, while providing some of the advantages typical of four-wheel drive, but at a significantly lower cost and weight.”

Alfa claims that this system provides maximum control in all driving conditions. A limited slip differential, which splits the torque between the front drive wheels according to road surfaces and driving conditions, is the main element of the Q2 system, which aims to highlight the benefits of front wheel drive. The Q2 system has been developed to increase roadholding, traction and stability, while reducing understeer on acceleration, as well as steering wheel vibration.

Advantages of the Q2 system

With the Q2 system fitted any negative effects are attenuated by the gradual transfer of torque to the wheel that can exploit the best friction coefficient, simplifying a hill start, for example, and making driving on all roads with changing surface conditions safer and more comfortable.

When the inside wheel starts to lose grip, torque is partially transferred to the outside wheel, producing less understeer, greater stability, and increasing cornering speed.

The improved mechanical efficiency of the Q2 transmission gives better traction as the car exits the bend, which makes driving more enjoyable while maintaining complete control of the vehicle.

Fitting the Q2 System

Here at Alfatecnico, we can provide you with the full supply and fitting service to selected models of the Alfa Range. To check that your model is compatible with this system, please feel free to give us a call and we will be pleased to advise you.

The cost for supply and fitting the Q2 system is £800 + VAT and includes all bearings and seals. Feedback received from our customers is very positive so far. Please click here for comments and discussions about the Q2 system from the ‘Alfa owner’ forum. You can also get official Alfa Romeo Q2 Information here.

Finally take a look at this video clip on how an Alfa GT performs on the track with the System fitted.