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Alfatecnico Stainless Steel Exhausts

We are currently developing a range of bespoke stainless steel exhaust systems with a close partner for the full Alfa Romeo range and are specifically tailored to your needs.

Our exhaust systems are made from the highest quality stainless steel, whereby using only 304 top grade sheet stainless and 304-16 and 18 SWG tubing, expertly formed and welded with internal baffling and sound control that is envied by the volume production manufacturers.

If your exhaust system is getting ready for replacement why not consider a stainless steel system, as we feel that it is a more cost effective option and is cheaper than purchasing a full mild steel system from the main dealer. To add to this, a new stainless system will never corrode and will probably outlast the life of the car. As the system is bespoke, we can even tailor the exhaust note to suit your preference and a tail pipe of your choice.

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Bespoke Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems