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Q2 Differential

Supplied and fitted £700

plus VAT

Q2 Differential

Here are a selection of video clips from YouTube for all you Alfaholics out there. These include the gorgeous new supercar - the 8c Competizione , 156 GTA’s on the track and promotional videos for the Spider, Brera and 159. But the highlight is Top gear footage of the 147 GTA pitched against a Ford Focus RS and Golf R32. The Alfa obviously thrashes them both!  However, Mr Clarkson is as usual not very complimentary about Alfa Romeos reliability and the Alfa Dealership, which is a good reason why you should be using specialists like ‘Alfatecnico’ who of course will always give you our personal and excellent service.

Finally you can see ‘The Stig’ driving an Auto Delta tuned 147 GTA .....and its quicker than a four wheel drive Subaru Impreza..... Enjoy!

Video Clips