Q2 Differential

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If you are an Alfa Romeo GTV owner I don’t need

To tell you how good these cars are at handling

and how exhilarating it can feel driving on a

winding country road. However eventually to

maintain this level of handling you’re going to

have to put your hand in your pocket and spend

some money as the suspension components wear

out, namely - rubber bushes. As time goes by

 these start to degrade and wear, allowing more

movement of the suspension components to

take place, resulting in accelerated tyre wear,

braking instability and poor handling. Excessive

wear and movement will of course be picked up

on an MOT test. The bad news is that to replace

the four rear suspension arms on a GTV can

amount to over one thousand pounds. But before you start thinking about trading in your pride and joy for a more boring coupe, please consider the alternative........ ‘Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes’.

In a nutshell Powerflex bushes enable you to utilise your existing suspension arms, replacing the conventional rubber bushes with the technologically advanced polyurethane bushes. This is very cost effective as the price of a set of Powerflex bushes is a fraction of the price of a full set of genuine Alfa Romeo suspension arms and works out approximately half the price of a full replacement. In addition to this, the Powerflex bushes will far out perform conventional rubber bushes and will not deteriorate as they are not affected by ultra violet light, petrol, oil, battery acid, water or time.

If you’re not convinced yet why not visit the Powerflex website and read through the FAQ section, which should answer most of your questions.

These bushes are also available for other Alfa Romeo models and vehicles makes. Please therefore feel free to call us with your make of car and requirements and we will be pleased to give you a supply and fit quotation.  

Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes